All Resources offers many a researcher the means to get started on a topic of their choice. The site addresses specific individuals, such as teachers, web masters, moms, musicians and artists, as well as groups of clients who may collectively or individually have a detailed need. These groups include those interested in natural -, educational -, small business -, senior care -, home school -, child care -, diabetes -, early childhood -, adoption -, travel -, business -, writing -, real estate -, corporate event planning -, and women’s health resources.

Teachers will find tips for finding websites that boast links and gateways for over 40,000 teacher resource web sites. Web masters will find ideas for free tutorials on html, CSS, java script and pearl. Musicians will be able to find free sheet music, and ideas on scouring the Internet for information on classical, contemporary, and alternative music.

Those with an interest in natural resources will find a short overview of the topic itself and are then referred to their individual state’s natural resources department. The educational resources topic offers ideas on networking for educators, parents, and also churches, while those with an interest in small business resources are directed to the Small Business Administration.

All Resources’ information is valuable also for those with a need for senior care resources. The segment on this topic offers suggestions that include the Long Tern Care Ombudsman Program, the Indian Health Service, and also the Assisted Living Federation of America. Homeschoolers who have opted out of a failing school system, as well as those concerned with basic child care needs or early childhood resources will find up to date information in the applicable segments of this site. Potential adoptive parents as well as busy moms will find links to great “getting started” sites.

Those who suffer from diabetes will find helpful organization mentioned, such as the American Diabetes Association and also the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive & Kidney Diseases.

Travelers will appreciate the referrals to the State, Country, or City’s websites, while those in need of business resources will benefit from the suggested visit to the chamber of commerce’s web site. Budding writers will find a good starting point in All Resources’ writing segment. Those with a need for the real estate resources, whether they might be buying or selling, will appreciate the link placed in this portion of the site.

All Resources also offers insights for artists in need of work, corporate event planners in dire need of the right location, and anyone interested in the various aspects of women’s health.